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You have a passion for sport?
You play to to win?
You are eager to move things forward?
You want to work in a modern and flexible environment?
You want to introduce your expertise to a highly motivated and open team?

Apply now and join our team!

Dafür bist du verantwortlich

As a developer in the digital team, you will design and implement new features for the German e-commerce platform and our internal customers. You will be part of a team where title does not mean anything and where you can converge your personal and professional growth.

Our project progression is done at a substantial pace on two weeks sprints.

Svelte is employed as a framework to serve the web front. NodeJS is used on the back of the web front as well as APIs under our responsibility. Vanilla JS (ES6) is everywhere and automated testing as well as continuous code guarantee the best quality possible. GitHub keeps track of our work and Google Cloud Platform is the platform of choice to host our projects in the cloud.  

Das bringst du mit

Vitality: Our passion for sports reflects also on our mindset – we motivate and challenge ourselfes and others on a daily basis to raise the bar constantly in order to  achieve our very best.

Responsibility: We take decisions where and when needed and take responsibility seriously. 

Openness: We are pairing punctually on tasks to spread the knowledge within the team and to increase quality of complex solutions. We accept opposite ideas and agree there are various ways to accomplish the same goal, but it is always the team that will decide in the end.

Adaptability: We are a cross-discipline team. We have the chance to work on everything: front-end, back-end and dev-ops.

Self-taught: We do not hesitate to open the documentation, reach people on forums and create a small proof of concept to integrate it later into the solution. DECATHLON also covers training expenses.

Result-oriented: We rapidly deploy features to validate the business value and improve them iteratively on subsequent sprints.

Bilingualism is an advantage: The team in communicating in English and German.

Wir sind Decathlon

Einer der größten Sportartikelhersteller und - händler der Welt. Für uns sind Menschen das Herzstück unseres Erfolgs. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass Innovationen endlos und Entscheidungsfreiheit sowie Verantwortung die Grundlage für unseren Fortschritt sind. Durch unser starkes Wachstum entstehen ständig neue Weiterentwicklungsmöglichkeiten und Karrierechancen in den Filialen, der Logistik und der Zentrale.


  • Diverse Weiterbildungs- und Schulungsangebote, online oder vor Ort

  • Spannende Themen von Verkauf bis Management

  • Lernen im Netzwerk: spezifisch, bereichsübergreifend oder über die Landesgrenze hinaus

  • Erfolgsprämie von 10-20% pro Monat zusätzlich zum Grundgehalt (je nach Position und Unternehmensergebnis)

  • Mitarbeiterrabatte von 30% auf über 100 Decathlon-Eigenmarken

  • Flache Hierarchien

  • Monatliche Entscheidungsgespräche mit deinem Leader oder Coach

  • Du entscheidest, welche Themen besprochen werden und legst eigene Ziele fest

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